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Energy Spirit
Energy Spirits are the tormented ghosts of those who have perished in these caves. These spirits are infused with energy some scholars believe comes from the crystals that grow here. The Spirits have managed to use this energy to build themselves glass bodies from crystal particles, through which they can interact with the mortal world and take revenge upon the living if they desire...
Class:Undead Level:31
Attack:75 - 90 Defense:75 - 90
Armor:32 - 52 Damage:75 - 90
HP:75 - 90 Gold:30 - 32
XP:66 - 68
Breaker:10% - 15%
Dropped Items
Barbed Spear
Hallowed Rune
Mysterious Boots
Ring of Wounding
Viridian Vine
Spawning Information
Crystal Cavern (Gargoyles Den Level 1):41%
Crystal Cavern (Entrance):59%
Additional Notes

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