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Undead Cellar Snake (Champion)
The cellars were once infested with rats. To beat this a new type of snake was released to feed on the rats and solve the problem. However the new breed of snakes grew huge as they fed and their scales all but impervious to weapons used by the guard. They were then locked in the cellars. When the inhabitants were cursed to undeath the Snakes also befell the same fate.
Class:Undead Level:392
Attack:2984 - 3116 Defense:1299 - 1439
Armor:1445 - 1523 Damage:5838 - 6022
HP:11676 - 11994 Gold:241 - 359
XP:1508 - 1638
Piercing Strike:4% - 20%
Critical Hit:4% - 20%
Dodge:10% - 15%
Disarm:2% - 10%
Hypnotize:25% - 35%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Pyitunda
Armor of Zrani
Boots of Terindarth
Gloves of Krintoll
Spawning Information
Dar GromSol Cellars:100%
Additional Notes

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