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Fire Goblin
Mastering the art of fire magic, the Fire Goblin Mages are feared adversaries capable of turning opponents into cinders. Originally from the Greenskin city of Mokshal in the Withered Lands, Fire Goblins have also been spotted as far north as Eredas, The Northern Lands.
Class:Greenskin Level:32
Attack:70 - 80 Defense:80 - 90
Armor:70 - 80 Damage:70 - 80
HP:70 - 80 Gold:31 - 33
XP:68 - 70
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Bloody Gloves
Iron Round Shield
Lunar Treads
Spiked Scale Mail
Spawning Information
Burning Abyss (Level 2):31%
Burning Abyss (Level 3):28%
Burning Abyss (Level 1):41%
Additional Notes

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