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Xind Puppeteer
The Xind Puppeteer even surprised Xinderoth with it's abilities. It quickly grew into a thinking creature and so began to manipulate the lower generation of Xind creations. Though Xinderoth was pleased with the results, he forced the Xind Puppeteer to be a feebler creature so that it would never be able to overthrow it's creator.
Class:Magical Level:416
Attack:1948 - 2080 Defense:695 - 773
Armor:2825 - 2931 Damage:2658 - 2778
HP:9719 - 10309 Gold:271 - 329
XP:1191 - 1315
Reinforced Armor:2% - 12%
Critical Hit:1% - 10%
Dodge:1% - 10%
Disarm:5% - 15%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Barzoth
Armor of Carkot
Boots of Zrelmar
Gloves of Anglos
Helmet of Githsab
Ring of Yinzor
Rune of Noll
Shield Korjarin
Spear of Tarnolik
Xind Core
Spawning Information
Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 16):75%
Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 17):12%
Puppeteer Sanctum:13%
Additional Notes

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