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Citadel Construct
As an experiment of the potential for Xind magic, Xinderoth took a Dwarven Golem and replaced the Heart of Gem with a pair of Xind Spheres. The results were incredible. But Xinderoth has lost interest in the idea of fusing magic with mechanical. Some suspect he sees it as a dilution of the arcane to include the mundane.
Class:Mechanical Level:417
Attack:2387 - 2487 Defense:1572 - 1730
Armor:1807 - 1879 Damage:2405 - 2457
HP:8228 - 8502 Gold:265 - 335
XP:1247 - 1265
Critical Hit:2% - 15%
Breaker:1% - 20%
Nullify:4% - 10%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Hagfath
Armor of Unlith
Axe of Trallnor
Boots of Kelrah
Gloves of Derqin
Helmet of Vergor
Ring of Kazxoth
Rune of Dangor
Shield of Quinforn
Xind Spheres
Spawning Information
Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 17):87%
Citadel of Xinderoth (Floor 18):13%
Additional Notes

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