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Tree Golem (Elite)
Cursed by something or someone, the one peaceful Tree Golems are now attacking the nearby villages and preying on anything they can find. They are fericious in their attacks and also extremely resistant to damage.
Class:Golem Level:35
Attack:180 - 200 Defense:180 - 200
Armor:265 - 300 Damage:180 - 200
HP:195 - 200 Gold:65 - 75
XP:150 - 200
Reinforced Armor:50% - 55%
Critical Hit:20% - 25%
Dropped Items
Gnarled Edgeblade
Gnarled Heavy Boots
Gnarled Heavy Gloves
Gnarled Helm
Gnarled Neckpiece
Gnarled Ring
Gnarled Rune
Gnarled Shield
Spawning Information
Forgotten Forest (East):100%
Additional Notes

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