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Haaneth Zombie Dairy Cow
Even the cows are not immune to this plague of undeath! The Haaneth Zombie Dairy Cow is roaming the pastures, grazing on any living creatures they can catch. They also make do with the corpses of creatures that have died a true death. They are creating a nasty, poisonous smelling fluid in their udders now, which the Milkmaids are gathering.
Class:Undead Level:4983
Attack:60899 - 61041 Defense:2190 - 2308
Armor:1311 - 1499 Damage:75808 - 75990
HP:196538 - 196930 Gold:280 - 320
XP:86931 - 99259
Piercing Strike:40% - 50%
Critical Hit:40% - 50%
Dropped Items
[no item drops]
Spawning Information
Haaneth Farms (Fields):91%
Haaneth Farms (Milking Shed):9%
Additional Notes

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