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Kurak Senate Leader (Champion)
The Kurak Senators are out in force. However, they, like many of their ilk are getting in the way, shouting to be heard and bellowing over each other. If the city defences have a weak spot, this is it. The Senate Leaders are even better at bellowing orders no one is listening too. They have a modicum of skill with a blade, having had access to the finest tutors.
Class:Human Level:4962
Attack:31583 - 31769 Defense:57362 - 57522
Armor:60527 - 60587 Damage:40341 - 40415
HP:265956 - 266200 Gold:260 - 340
XP:174047 - 195201
Dodge:80% - 100%
Disarm:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
Senator's Dagger
Senator's Toga
Shroud Token
Spawning Information
Kurak City (Senate):100%
Additional Notes

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