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Enhanced Theorem
The Enhanced Theorem is not one of Xinderoth's creations, but a variation on the theme through the natural laws of Nature. That things change, but not allways for the better. This creature has more strength and is faster than the original, but it also is far more agressive. The base drives of this Xind being are not developed, they are simply magnified.
Class:Magical Level:411
Attack:2309 - 2453 Defense:847 - 919
Armor:919 - 1031 Damage:3953 - 4055
HP:7984 - 8506 Gold:295 - 305
XP:1208 - 1268
Piercing Strike:1% - 15%
Reinforced Armor:6% - 10%
Critical Hit:5% - 15%
Dropped Items
Helmet of Jinkarin
Ring of Gusdorlon
Rune of Nagillon
Spawning Information
Theorem Barracks:100%
Additional Notes

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