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Ursa the Great Bear (Legendary)
Ursa the Great Bear was a terror to behold back in his day. Ursa was so great he could level towns and destroy fortresses. Eventually a hero rose up against Ursa and after a titanic battle Ursa was defeated and his spirit magically cast into the heavens for 101 years where he has spent the his hate filled existence until now...
Class:Magical Level:325
Attack:1394 - 1508 Defense:1268 - 1320
Armor:1462 - 1526 Damage:3418 - 3602
HP:7555 - 7945 Gold:263 - 279
XP:1501 - 1699
Reinforced Armor:75% - 80%
Critical Hit:35% - 60%
Breaker:60% - 80%
Dodge:60% - 80%
Dropped Items
Armor of Ursa
Ring of Ursa
Shield of Ursa
Sword of Ursa
Ursas Xind Tainted Helm
Spawning Information
Ofron Islands (Caves):100%
Additional Notes

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