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Argus (Legendary)
Argus is the avatar of vengeance that the evil wizard Xinderoth unleashed as a curse upon the world with his dying breath. Argus is a multi eyed giant hell bent on destroying all in the name of his fallen lord and must be stopped...
Class:Beast Level:400
Attack:2322 - 2372 Defense:1000 - 1362
Armor:2851 - 2983 Damage:2316 - 2494
HP:10400 - 10840 Gold:295 - 305
XP:1718 - 1932
Piercing Strike:35% - 65%
Breaker:65% - 85%
Hypnotize:65% - 90%
Dropped Items
Argus Armor
Argus Boots
Argus Eye Amulet
Argus Eye Rune
Argus Gloves
Spawning Information
Dar GromSol Sewers:15%
Ancient Catacombs of Dar GromSol:25%
Catacombs of Dar GromSol:20%
Seething Caverns:23%
Xinderoth City Keep:17%
Additional Notes

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