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Burning Hellion (Elite)
Within his Sanctuary beneath the Burning Abyss the Hellion is almost invincible. It is rumoured this is where he is most powerful and can be defeated multiple times and simply shrug off deadly wounds.
Class:Demon Level:34
Attack:175 - 250 Defense:175 - 225
Armor:175 - 225 Damage:190 - 225
HP:175 - 225 Gold:66 - 70
XP:100 - 120
Breaker:50% - 50%
Dropped Items
Burning Amulet
Burning Boots
Burning Gloves of the Eagle
Burning Inferno Sword
Burning Plumed Helm
Burning Rune
Burning Shield of the Bear
Burning Steel
Spawning Information
Burning Abyss (Hellions Lair):100%
Additional Notes

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