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Enlightened Monkey King (Super Elite)
The enlightened monkey king wanders the world and blesses all that encounter him on his journeys with good fortune and favor. The king has reformed many of his mischievous habits from his youth, but evildoers beware; he has a penchant for mischief and will not hesitate to punish those who provoke him! He is also known for challenging warriors to feats of strength and rewarding those who best him!rnrnDesigned by: fugrnugget
Class:Beast Level:1425
Attack:138533 - 138687 Defense:2631 - 2715
Armor:2633 - 2713 Damage:228191 - 228263
HP:64024 - 64316 Gold:101 - 499
XP:84469 - 89839
Piercing Strike:80% - 100%
Critical Hit:80% - 100%
Breaker:80% - 100%
Nullify:80% - 100%
First Strike:80% - 100%
Hypnotize:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
Monkey King's Rune
Monkey King's Staff
Spawning Information
Clan Gate:17%
Urz Wastes (Brushland):17%
Tormented Recess (Gorge):17%
Ymirheim Glacier (Cave Tunnels):17%
Opyly Pass (Switchback):17%
Valgoth Plain (Hills):15%
Additional Notes

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