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Hook Pirate
Despite the fact the so called Hook Pirates have lost hands in fights they make up for their losses by attaching sharp hooks to their hands that double as an extra weapon when the action begins!
Class:Human Level:426
Attack:2003 - 2177 Defense:1252 - 1402
Armor:3080 - 3262 Damage:1908 - 2004
HP:10008 - 10500 Gold:269 - 331
XP:1199 - 1367
Reinforced Armor:18% - 20%
Dodge:20% - 22%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Gorvintan
Armor of Qardoris
Boots of Qasdaros
Gloves of Vuxdarjin
Helmet of Gazkor
Ring of Polkin
Rune of Nosskor
Shield of Migthon
Sword of Ezthron
Spawning Information
Craggy Coastline (Middle):90%
Craggy Coastline (Lower):10%
Additional Notes

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