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Pirate Bomber
Pirate Bombers are mad individuals that are experts in explosives. At sea they often man the cannons but on land they use specially designed bombs and ceramic grenades as weapons.
Class:Human Level:427
Attack:2542 - 2688 Defense:100 - 120
Armor:100 - 120 Damage:5500 - 6000
HP:8380 - 8750 Gold:286 - 314
XP:1249 - 1323
Critical Hit:35% - 70%
First Strike:95% - 100%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Ordus
Armor of Yazkath
Boots of Rezjin
Ceramic Bomb
Gloves of Norunson
Helmet of Larkrin
Ring of Adorkin
Rune of Goryon
Shield of Adroz
Sword of Uzcoth
Spawning Information
Craggy Coastline (Lower):100%
Additional Notes

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