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Pistol Pirate
Pistol Pirate is the name given to pirates who delight in shooting their enemies with powerful black powder weapons. These weapons are volatile and can often backfire on their owner however the pirates agree that the risks are worth it!
Class:Human Level:429
Attack:2758 - 3954 Defense:942 - 1138
Armor:946 - 1010 Damage:2650 - 3806
HP:8386 - 8824 Gold:292 - 308
XP:1230 - 1354
Reinforced Armor:8% - 9%
Critical Hit:35% - 55%
Breaker:12% - 14%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Odusfin
Armor of Lunlore
Black Powder Gun
Boots of Yon
Eye Patch
Gloves of Ethondan
Helmet of Rasjin
Ring of Sotinfos
Rune of Ishjin
Sea Grave Earring
Shield of Zongoz
Sword of Kazrox
Spawning Information
Lonely Isle (Outer):100%
Additional Notes

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