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Benart Dock Scum
The Dock is not just a port for the Drow and their kind, many other races land here for both good and bad reasons. Many stay in the town that has grown up around the dock and the worst of these are know as Dock Scum. These scum cause much trouble in the area such as mugging travellers and robbery.
Class:Human Level:5126
Attack:18020 - 18070 Defense:1369 - 1521
Armor:119280 - 119366 Damage:5642 - 5784
HP:202202 - 202476 Gold:272 - 328
XP:97336 - 99696
Reinforced Armor:80% - 100%
Dropped Items
Ring of Ramodal
Spawning Information
Benart City (Dock):92%
Benart City (Dock Guard House):8%
Additional Notes

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