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Zombie King
The Undead Lords of the Zombies in the local realms, these foul rotting men were crowned with ancient Elven Kings crowns upon death as an insult to their royal and corrupt lineage. Unfortunately this made these ancient kings rise from the dead, their spirits said to be barred from the underworld by their honoured forefathers.
Class:Undead Level:27
Attack:65 - 80 Defense:65 - 80
Armor:65 - 78 Damage:40 - 70
HP:45 - 60 Gold:25 - 30
XP:55 - 65
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Hell Forged Scalemail
Zombie Crown of Iron
Spawning Information
Ramdal Caves (Level 4):78%
Ramdal Caves (Level 3):22%
Additional Notes

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