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Hydrorion Plesiosaur
The Hydrorion Plesiosaur are giant reptiles that dwell deep in the Sea of Snakes. They normally feed on prey found in the sea but often come to the coast of islands to catch prey when they get fed up of only eating fish.
Class:Aquatic Level:434
Attack:1946 - 2028 Defense:1188 - 1270
Armor:873 - 1001 Damage:4489 - 4611
HP:8514 - 8896 Gold:287 - 313
XP:1272 - 1342
Piercing Strike:15% - 15%
Breaker:6% - 7%
Dodge:22% - 24%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Olldas
Armor of Kertir
Boots of Herloz
Gloves of Jasgat
Helmet of Jarbin
Ring of Sayos
Rune of Gollthor
Shield of Yansor
Stone Remains
Sword of Mattdon
Spawning Information
Gorgon Isle (South):92%
Gorgon Isle (West):8%
Additional Notes

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