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The Gorgon is a hideous female monster. The Gorgon is well equiped to tear opponents apart with razor sharp claws or use its magical ability to turn them to stone.
Class:Beast Level:438
Attack:2160 - 2252 Defense:1051 - 1165
Armor:1093 - 1233 Damage:4258 - 4354
HP:8555 - 9015 Gold:265 - 335
XP:1268 - 1370
Reinforced Armor:15% - 25%
Nullify:20% - 25%
Disarm:8% - 12%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Rasdorsol
Armor of Sataw
Boot of Pardor
Eyes of the Gorgon
Gloves of Sinthas
Helmet of Poldor
Ring of Yasdon
Rune of Rahgas
Shield of Nazdor
Sword of Rokran
Spawning Information
Stheno Lake (Edge):92%
Stheno Lake (Outer):8%
Additional Notes

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