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Kreth Slime
The Kreth Slime is a creature that only exists to eat. The creature uses its long poisonous tongue to attack its prey, dragging them into its slimy body to then be digested.
Class:Vermin Level:441
Attack:2771 - 2923 Defense:1132 - 1318
Armor:872 - 1070 Damage:3727 - 3873
HP:8500 - 9190 Gold:270 - 330
XP:1291 - 1365
Breaker:25% - 30%
Dodge:2% - 10%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Gisvar
Armor of Sasdrin
Boots of Gerthon
Digestive Gland
Gloves of Podqas
Helmet of Vardor
Ring of Lossgill
Rune of Ingerdrin
Shield of Vinraz
Skeleton Chest Key
Sword of Zarnoz
Spawning Information
Caves of Kreth (Level 1):85%
Caves of Kreth (Level 2):15%
Additional Notes

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