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Wendaraq Boroka (Champion)
The Boroka are terrors of the sky, more fearsome than the storm itself. These unnatural creatures resemble black-winged horses but with the face of a screaming fanged woman. They hunt for those trapped on the islands to feed upon. The strongest of these terrors also have the longest manes. These winged beasts lead herds of Boroka when hunting.
Class:Beast Level:5182
Attack:27813 - 27887 Defense:167786 - 167882
Armor:1908 - 2060 Damage:667 - 827
HP:277528 - 278036 Gold:240 - 360
XP:198152 - 204568
Dodge:90% - 100%
Disarm:90% - 100%
Dropped Items
Boroka Feather Rune
Boroka Winged Shield
Spawning Information
Wendaraq Coast (Curse):100%
Additional Notes

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