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Kreth Two-Headed Mamba
The Kreth Two-Headed Mamba is a deadly creature that is thankfully rare. The Kreth Two-Headed Mamba uses both is heads to attack and if both make contact with their enemy the combined venom from them will kill in seconds.
Class:Reptile Level:446
Attack:1566 - 1720 Defense:2487 - 2603
Armor:2931 - 3129 Damage:1674 - 1774
HP:8820 - 9070 Gold:278 - 322
XP:1257 - 1429
Piercing Strike:18% - 20%
Dodge:15% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Leoff
Armor of Wenles
Boots of Lhynlan
Gloves of Mickyer
Helmet of Rosha
Ring of Taberu
Rune of Sax
Shield of Haymmi
Sword of Trandorr
Spawning Information
Caves of Kreth (Level 6):86%
Caves of Kreth (Level 7):14%
Additional Notes

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