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Overcharged Spirit
Overcharged Spirits are the angry ghosts of those who have perished in these caves. These spirits glow red, flowing with dark energy and anger. The Spirits have managed to use this dark energy to build themselves bodies of molten glass from crystal particles, through this burning hot body they can unleash their murderous rage upon the living.
Class:Undead Level:36
Attack:90 - 100 Defense:25 - 30
Armor:90 - 110 Damage:100 - 150
HP:75 - 100 Gold:30 - 40
XP:70 - 80
Piercing Strike:25% - 25%
Breaker:10% - 10%
Dropped Items
Deathbloom Plant
Gemmed Amulet
Hell Forged Ring
Knights Kite Shield
Lunar Shield
Sweeping Deadly Flail
Wizardly Boots
Spawning Information
Crystal Cavern (Gargoyles Den Level 1):34%
Burning Abyss (Level 4):38%
Crystal Cavern (Gargoyles Den Level 2):28%
Additional Notes

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