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Warped Grofflesnout (Champion)
Tales are told by travelers who pass through these lands of horrific beasts that were once simple Grofflesnouts but have been mutated by the evil magic of the Shadow Lord himself. They call this evil creature the Warped Grofflesnout.
Class:Greenskin Level:424
Attack:5550 - 5600 Defense:1388 - 1512
Armor:1524 - 1724 Damage:4083 - 4207
HP:12560 - 13030 Gold:291 - 309
XP:1663 - 1739
Piercing Strike:5% - 12%
Breaker:15% - 18%
Dodge:18% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Jungot
Armor of Eliharl
Armor of Marzon
Boots of Ashzincor
Gloves of Ferril
Gloves of Juxfosin
Helmet of Lostar
Ring of Hargintor
Rune of Zakondor
Shield of Oshfiness
Spear of Rorkon
Spawning Information
Empty Plains (South):100%
Additional Notes

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