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Kreth Gloom Gaunt
This spiteful sprite seeks only to cause as much pain to others as it can. All those who have come across this creature have mentioned it's eagerness to maim if it cannot kill.
Class:Undead Level:450
Attack:2855 - 3039 Defense:1170 - 1258
Armor:937 - 1017 Damage:3786 - 3984
HP:8732 - 9318 Gold:289 - 311
XP:1288 - 1422
Critical Hit:20% - 24%
Nullify:25% - 26%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Jett
Armor of Andrexi
Boots of Yudlak
Gaunt Head
Gloves of Gorlox
Helmet of Elgora
Kreths Visage
Ring of Direklon
Rune of Oscaros
Shield of Mattagor
Longblade of Harpi
Spawning Information
Caves of Kreth (Level 10):100%
Additional Notes

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