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Sabre Horn Goat
The Sabre Horn is sought after for its magnificent antlers. It has learnt this and instead of running from hunters, the Saber Horn now charges them. The result is that the Saber Horn now flourishes.
Class:Beast Level:451
Attack:1398 - 1486 Defense:2453 - 2637
Armor:2157 - 2331 Damage:2734 - 2890
HP:8891 - 9199 Gold:264 - 336
XP:1341 - 1375
Piercing Strike:1% - 13%
Reinforced Armor:1% - 15%
Dodge:1% - 12%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Loko
Armor of Olivhew
Boots of Pheobus
Gloves of Salemshi
Helmet of Leozon
Ring of Margreti
Rune of Dytrax
Saber Horn
Shield of Jonute
Sword of Dudsan
Spawning Information
Dark Mist Forest (Edge):82%
Dark Mist Forest (Path):18%
Additional Notes

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