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Ravaged Forest Guardian
The Guardians of the wood normally attack those who are harming their domain. But Elementals draw most of their strength from the wood itself. The decaying forest is making these peaceful creatures attack anyone who now enters the Forest. They are fearful that any more damage would lead to the final destruction of the wood and themselves.
Class:Plant Level:456
Attack:2184 - 2316 Defense:2778 - 2872
Armor:2260 - 2394 Damage:1677 - 1805
HP:8989 - 9301 Gold:297 - 303
XP:1318 - 1428
Reinforced Armor:3% - 11%
Breaker:3% - 11%
Dodge:2% - 18%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Sogtor
Armor of Irdos
Boots of Rosquan
Gloves of Harjos
Helmet of Gortinfas
Ring of Sollos
Rune of Horkrith
Shield of Dargraz
Battle Axe of Arloz
Spawning Information
Dark Mist Forest (Wilds):80%
Dark Mist Forest (Depths):20%
Additional Notes

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