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Were Vulpes
Some say that this creature is a cursed man. There is no evidance for this belief, but the beast does seem to exhibit tremendous intellagence and cunning. What is known is that this creature protects the Lenzwer Forest (Path) with utter dedication. The reson for this as well as it's origin, is unclear.
Class:Beast Level:112
Attack:477 - 541 Defense:108 - 166
Armor:861 - 955 Damage:679 - 739
HP:1035 - 1301 Gold:103 - 121
XP:338 - 344
Critical Hit:15% - 20%
Dodge:18% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Torvinsar
Gloves of Uthron
Axe of Karrasdol
Spawning Information
Lenzwer Forest (Path):100%
Additional Notes

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