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Unstable Matter (Super Elite)
The Gods alone know what the Unstable Matter used to be. It seems to shift between forms and even matter states. One moment the entity is writhing flesh which suddenly flows into water, shifting to colourful and weirdly cohesive gas before flesh again. The creature does have a humanoid shape, which is the only clue to its original form. Designed by: zizzwyly
Class:Human Level:880
Attack:74805 - 74917 Defense:1596 - 1650
Armor:1527 - 1719 Damage:84202 - 84280
HP:162229 - 162471 Gold:43 - 557
XP:30896 - 34154
Piercing Strike:100% - 100%
Thievery:100% - 100%
Critical Hit:100% - 100%
Breaker:100% - 100%
Nullify:100% - 100%
Master Thief:100% - 100%
Dropped Items
Recipe of Unstable Helm
Recipe of Unstable Ring
Unstable Sample
Spawning Information
City of Elghast (Plaza):20%
Mittamurk Sewers (Outer Tunnels):20%
Icebelt Thule (South):20%
Faroth (West):20%
Orcan Forest South:20%
Additional Notes

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