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Ice Crab
The Ice Crab has a hardened shell to cope with the rigors of these frozen wastes. For the crab to achieve greatest strength and fitness the crab must have a diet of seaweed and flesh.
Class:Aquatic Level:461
Attack:2880 - 3052 Defense:1017 - 1107
Armor:864 - 1056 Damage:4164 - 4346
HP:9125 - 9365 Gold:259 - 341
XP:1297 - 1479
Piercing Strike:1% - 13%
Critical Hit:2% - 16%
Dodge:1% - 11%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Sovtrin
Armor of Dalgil
Boots of Axkin
Carapace Shell
Crab Meat
Gloves of Koryin
Helmet of Kozvin
Ring of Izith
Rune of Orrdrid
Shield of Frimgras
Axe of Dorvash
Spawning Information
Thundersnow Valley (North):86%
Thundersnow Valley (East):14%
Additional Notes

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