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Qawi Savage
The Qawi are highly protective of their lands. They have a harsh and bitter existence, they face dangers of the animals as well as the land it's self. The tribes avoid the edges of the ice for fear of a huge sea monster.
Class:Human Level:463
Attack:1428 - 1550 Defense:2296 - 2484
Armor:2890 - 3052 Damage:2336 - 2532
HP:8963 - 9607 Gold:284 - 316
XP:1341 - 1447
Dodge:15% - 20%
Disarm:12% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Qarloss
Armor of Irsorjin
Boots of Rothkrull
Gloves of Vashvos
Helmet of Harcordroth
Qawi Seal Tooth
Ring of Zok
Rune of Oxborr
Shield of Mardron
Broad Blade of Dral
Spawning Information
Thundersnow Valley (South):96%
Qawi Village:4%
Additional Notes

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