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Killer Penguin
These blood crazed creatures are a menace of the Thundersnow Valley. Their beak is razor sharp and can puncture most armour. On their own they are not too bad, but Penguins are never solitary birds, so they swarm in large numbers.
Class:Avian Level:464
Attack:2326 - 2384 Defense:808 - 972
Armor:2933 - 3015 Damage:2999 - 3169
HP:10831 - 11501 Gold:267 - 333
XP:1364 - 1430
Piercing Strike:1% - 5%
Reinforced Armor:17% - 20%
Critical Hit:1% - 5%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Silfoun
Armor of Polgron
Boots of Sorindos
Gloves of Uxdull
Helmet of Essrax
Spawning Information
Thundersnow Valley (West):82%
Icebelt Thule (North):18%
Additional Notes

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