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Gargoyle Enforcer
Gargoyle Enforcers are the most brutish of the Gargoyles and when they are not brawling with each other they keep the peace among the flocks by bullying and threatening the smaller Gargoyles into submission. The Enforcers have no features for Gargoyle society is focused on facial features and there is nothing they fear more than those without any!
Class:Golem Level:39
Attack:80 - 100 Defense:50 - 60
Armor:90 - 100 Damage:60 - 70
HP:150 - 200 Gold:20 - 45
XP:80 - 87
Piercing Strike:20% - 25%
Dropped Items
Cursed Bone Amulet
Dark Ruby Ring
Skulled Scale Mail
Tanned Boots of Fire
Spawning Information
Luminous Den (Level 1):19%
Luminous Den (Level 2):19%
Luminous Den (Level 3):19%
The Eerie Moors (West):21%
The Eerie Moors (East):21%
Additional Notes

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