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Dread Claw Sea Serpent
This gigantic beast hunts the depths of the Dread Claw Sea. Though the adolescent serpents are known to snatch it's prey from beaches and coastal areas.
Class:Reptile Level:469
Attack:2617 - 2809 Defense:2336 - 2500
Armor:2906 - 3008 Damage:1234 - 1398
HP:9251 - 9559 Gold:277 - 323
XP:1306 - 1518
Piercing Strike:15% - 20%
Reinforced Armor:16% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Paskin
Armor of Javon
Boots of Saryith
Gloves of Trazdess
Helmet of Giznok
Ring of Irith
Rune of Exnoll
Serpent Saber Tooth
Shield of Mirphall
Dagger of Dran
Spawning Information
Icebelt Edge (Upper):85%
Icebelt Edge (Lower):15%
Additional Notes

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