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Hemovore Blood Shaman
The Hemovore Blood Shaman can speak directly to their foul god Aok Tonrar and through the means of ritual blood magic, they can bring forth powerful spells to destroy their enemies.
Class:Human Level:475
Attack:3741 - 3911 Defense:897 - 1055
Armor:1090 - 1164 Damage:3497 - 3689
HP:9259 - 9791 Gold:263 - 337
XP:1413 - 1447
Piercing Strike:5% - 12%
Critical Hit:4% - 12%
Nullify:8% - 16%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Lansull
Armor of Sarr
Blood Bloom Plant
Boots of Parkon
Dagger of Dorthan
Gloves of Zath
Helmet of Lomgrill
Ring of Sandor
Rune of Kirqwain
Shield of Thurdish
Spawning Information
Wastes of Kruz (Scrublands):91%
Wastes of Kruz (Barrans):9%
Additional Notes

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