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Qana the Dark Wyvern (Elite)
Qana the Dark Wyvern is young by the standards of such creatures yet has existed here for over 1000 years. Qana is a terror to behold and few have survived encounters with the creature. Hemovores that live in the area think of Qana as a punishment sent by their own evil god to kill those who dont spill enough blood in his name.
Class:Dragon Level:480
Attack:12988 - 13094 Defense:3257 - 3439
Armor:4450 - 4622 Damage:10227 - 10321
HP:31087 - 31313 Gold:279 - 321
XP:2153 - 2207
Piercing Strike:25% - 30%
Critical Hit:19% - 20%
Breaker:40% - 50%
Dropped Items
Qana Dark Hide
Qana Frosted Necklace
Qana Misted Emerald Ring
Qana Poison Rune
Qana Scale Buckler
Qana Skull Helm
Qana Winged Boots
Qana Wyvern Claws
Qana Wyvern Edge
Spawning Information
Cathedral of Ice:100%
Additional Notes

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