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Shadow Puka
Shadow Pukas are a type of evil fairy and like many of the fay folk, are both respected and feared by any who come across it. Shadow Pukas have the ability to blend in with the shadows and use this ability to sneak up on their victims.
Class:Magical Level:486
Attack:2061 - 2235 Defense:2394 - 2492
Armor:1900 - 2012 Damage:3128 - 3262
HP:9639 - 9851 Gold:277 - 323
XP:1398 - 1528
Piercing Strike:19% - 25%
Critical Hit:8% - 10%
Nullify:1% - 5%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Arthon
Armor of Ashwall
Boots of Lindor
Gloves of Onkor
Helmet of Sorgor
Ring of Leath
Rune of Brin
Scimitar of Tall
Shield of Rilkon
Spawning Information
Castle Morbidstein (Fortress Middle):92%
Castle Morbidstein (East Tower Lower):8%
Additional Notes

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