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Lobotomized Worker
Doctor Morbidstein had the castle built by his personal workforce of lobotomized men. They are devoid of all emotions and free thought and serve the Doctors every need without question.
Class:Human Level:487
Attack:2800 - 2902 Defense:1321 - 1411
Armor:1250 - 1426 Damage:4120 - 4296
HP:9420 - 10110 Gold:261 - 339
XP:1464 - 1468
Piercing Strike:13% - 15%
Reinforced Armor:6% - 10%
Dodge:11% - 15%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Tukuss
Armor of Boryon
Boots of Polluth
Gloves of loksoth
Helmet of Pothin
Ring of Fitollim
Rune of Comlor
Shield of Bormulf
Stitched Heart
Sword of Sahxol
Spawning Information
Castle Morbidstein (East Tower Lower):47%
Castle Morbidstein (East Tower Upper):49%
Castle Morbidstein (East Tower Attic):3%
Additional Notes

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