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Ralthien Swordsman
Elegance comes naturally to an Elf as does anger. But anger is seen as a pollution and so must be held in check. The Swordsman is trained to keep calm even in the face of overwhelming odds, they wield silent death with steady confidence.
Class:Elf Level:502
Attack:3711 - 3765 Defense:1391 - 1559
Armor:1075 - 1179 Damage:3691 - 3755
HP:9901 - 10229 Gold:279 - 321
XP:1760 - 1770
Piercing Strike:11% - 13%
Reinforced Armor:11% - 15%
Critical Hit:10% - 12%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Amarth
Armor of Lithval
Blade of Lorah
Boots of Kalth
Gloves of Razith
Helmet of Allcron
Ring of Amon
Rune of Valknorn
Shield of Tithvolon
Spawning Information
Ralthien (Eastern Quarter):91%
Ralthien (Southern Quarter):9%
Additional Notes

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