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Fey of the Grove
Creatures of Faerie are always unpredictable and not to be fully trusted. But the Elves have an uneasy friendship with these magical beings because they apparently share the same love of the Forest. The Fey of the Grove appear to have a curious affection of the warm sunlight in the Groves themselves. They take the light and shape it into destructive blasts of energy. Using the power of nature to protect the Groves themselves.
Class:Magical Level:499
Attack:2672 - 2868 Defense:1188 - 1314
Armor:3639 - 3781 Damage:2220 - 2326
HP:11684 - 12328 Gold:259 - 341
XP:1417 - 1587
Piercing Strike:6% - 10%
Critical Hit:7% - 10%
Dodge:17% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Sindort
Armor of Bullath
Boots of Viltor
Gloves of Lopvath
Helmet of Hakjarton
Ring of Tortron
Rune of Iinphor
Shield of Rillkas
Skull of the Fey
Crescent Edge of Xaljath
Spawning Information
Forest of Ral (Inner Grove):93%
Forest of Ral (Ancient Grove):7%
Additional Notes

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