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Leopard Centaur
The Leopard Centaur culture is a loose collective of small savage tribes. They hold pockets of Ral Forest as hunting grounds which they patrol endlessly stalking hunting for prey. They see all animals as prey. This does include sentient the races. The dedication to the hunt makes the Leopard Centaur a fearsome opponent. Most Elves of the forest simply avoid their hunting grounds.
Class:Feline Level:491
Attack:1952 - 2106 Defense:2915 - 3081
Armor:2315 - 2403 Damage:2409 - 2505
HP:9695 - 9995 Gold:275 - 325
XP:1472 - 1484
Piercing Strike:19% - 20%
Critical Hit:19% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Lasvon
Armor of Soryos
Boots of Ozkor
Gloves of Rahjin
Helmet of Hortin
Ring of Eshlon
Rune of Darmeth
Shield of Torjoth
Spellflawed Rune
Pole Arm of Nasdio
Spawning Information
Forest of Ral (Fence):77%
Forest of Ral (Path):3%
Leopard Centaur Tribal Grounds:20%
Additional Notes

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