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Doom Sheep
The DOOOOOOM sheep. Beware, the doom sheep is a formidable foe and will burn you with its fiery DOOOOOOM breath.
Class:Demon Level:39
Attack:100 - 110 Defense:10 - 10
Armor:85 - 105 Damage:85 - 120
HP:150 - 160 Gold:10 - 25
XP:80 - 87
Critical Hit:20% - 25%
Breaker:60% - 65%
Dropped Items
Dark Shade Plant
Jademare Plant
Potion of Black Death Recipe
Potion of Dull Edge Recipe
Potion of Fury Recipe
Chain Gloves of Nature
Fire Enhanced Warhammer
Frigid Amulet
Lunar Kite Shield
Tanned Helm
Spawning Information
The Eerie Moors (East):19%
The Eerie Moors (West):19%
The Eerie Moors (North):62%
Additional Notes

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