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Silent Moon Monk
The silver moon has always bewitched the Elves. Most travellers do not know what to make of this part of Elven culture as it seems shrouded in secrecy and darkness. The Elves see the cool purity of the moonlight as a guide for their own boiling anger.
Class:Elf Level:504
Attack:1379 - 1479 Defense:4293 - 4407
Armor:1717 - 1855 Damage:2472 - 2604
HP:9812 - 10398 Gold:284 - 316
XP:1767 - 1777
Nullify:19% - 20%
Dodge:19% - 20%
Dropped Items
Amulet of Birsar
Axe of Zogillon
Ring of losdor
Rune of Marxor
Shield of Kajull
Spawning Information
Ralthien (Temple Diocese):100%
Additional Notes

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