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Snake Priest Ahuitz (Elite)
Snake Priest Ahuitz resides within the depths of the temple counting his gold. He has become corrupted by greed and cares not how he gains more wealth. However, now that the gold mines of the Teotal are dry and the Otoomie mines are going the same way, some whisper that Ahuitz will soon go to war with other lands in order to seize more gold and with his command of the Feathered Serpents few could stand in his way...
Class:Human Level:520
Attack:8084 - 8164 Defense:6691 - 6747
Armor:12912 - 13038 Damage:5897 - 6063
HP:40428 - 40692 Gold:240 - 360
XP:3140 - 3150
Piercing Strike:15% - 20%
Reinforced Armor:18% - 20%
Critical Hit:17% - 30%
First Strike:20% - 20%
Hypnotize:45% - 50%
Dropped Items
Ahuitz Golden Boots
Ahuitz Golden Bracers
Ahuitz Headdress of Purity
Ahuitz Snake Coil
Ahuitz Sun Shield
Ahuitz Sun Snake Inscription
Ahuitzs Icon of the Sun
Ahuitzs Snake Spear
Spawning Information
Teotal (Chamber of the Sun):100%
Additional Notes

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