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Ralthien Dragon Lord (Champion)
The taming and training a Dragon for use as a mount is very time consuming and dangerous. Therefore only the very rich can afford it. The Ralthien Kings of old have taken to having dragon Lords as Guards to their Palace Ward as both a status symbol and a statement of power and strength. Only the most talented and loyal fighters of the Elven Guards are chosen for the honour of wielding the Dragon Blade and riding so feared a beast.
Class:Mounted Level:510
Attack:3482 - 3578 Defense:1617 - 1691
Armor:2071 - 2141 Damage:8016 - 8150
HP:15104 - 15646 Gold:243 - 357
XP:2553 - 2563
Piercing Strike:11% - 15%
Reinforced Armor:40% - 50%
Dropped Items
Blazing Dragon Lords Saber
Shield of Ralthien
Spawning Information
Ralthien (Palace):100%
Additional Notes

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