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Cacus (Legendary)
The huge demon known to history as Cacus is a horrific creature to behold. Cacus enjoys human flesh and collects the skulls of his prey in a secret cave that he calls home. His giant leathery form breaths fire hot enough to melt the finest armor and weapons and scorch flesh down to the bone.
Class:Demon Level:250
Attack:2154 - 2238 Defense:698 - 864
Armor:569 - 673 Damage:1894 - 2006
HP:10431 - 10669 Gold:167 - 333
XP:1110 - 1190
Breaker:30% - 50%
Dodge:20% - 50%
Dropped Items
Cacus Cursed Skull
Cacus Eviscerated Boots
Cacus Hateful Bite
Cacus Trophy Necklace
Spawning Information
Gerlond (North):17%
Gerlond (East):24%
Nimaos (South):22%
Ghelmot (East):15%
Ghelmot (West):22%
Additional Notes

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