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Spitting Cacti (Champion)
The Spitting Cacti is a strange predatory plant that shows signs of intelligence and can slowly move after its prey. It kills its victims by shooting poison spines at them then moves to the sight of the kill where it absorbs the blood from the victim, storing it inside its trunk.
Class:Plant Level:136
Attack:548 - 706 Defense:734 - 806
Armor:718 - 900 Damage:1905 - 1989
HP:3900 - 4410 Gold:129 - 143
XP:322 - 476
Critical Hit:20% - 35%
Hypnotize:2% - 5%
Dropped Items
Potion of the Bookworm Recipe
Spawning Information
Anklar Flats (North):100%
Additional Notes

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