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Living Idol of Teocalli (Champion)
The Living Idols of Teocalli are the destructive products of curses placed upon some of the many gold Idols that adorn the passaged of the Teocalli of gold. The Living Idols wait patiently until an enemy passes them then they become active, smashing their foes asunder with mighty swings of their golden fists!
Class:Golem Level:520
Attack:4267 - 4429 Defense:2977 - 3063
Armor:6034 - 6128 Damage:2176 - 2272
HP:18595 - 19025 Gold:267 - 333
XP:2603 - 2613
Piercing Strike:1% - 10%
Reinforced Armor:25% - 30%
Critical Hit:25% - 30%
Dropped Items
Helmet of Quan
Rune of Xeff
Spawning Information
Teotal (Chamber of the Sun):100%
Additional Notes

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