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Lishka the Darkwater Hag (Super Elite)
The Darkwater Hag has walked the realms for countless ages. Her spite concentrating with every passing season making her a powerful and insidious opponent. Lishka has a habit of using her enemies as playthings in her plans, which she carefully orchestrates then watches those she involves destroy themselves at her whim.
Class:Magical Level:540
Attack:26074 - 26144 Defense:6639 - 6721
Armor:6497 - 6575 Damage:25481 - 25625
HP:64701 - 65059 Gold:256 - 344
XP:16320 - 16330
[no enhancements]
Dropped Items
Lishkas Befouled Essense
Lishkas Gnarled Hand
Lishkas Shriveled Heart
Spawning Information
Dark Atholhu (Mount North):33%
Dark Atholhu (Mount West):33%
Dark Atholhu (Mount East):33%
Additional Notes

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